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help! please..

So my dad found out about me being depressed cutting and hearing voices in my head. and now he is really mad and saying that im doing all of this for attention(when im NOT and i realy really want less attention)..but they blocked me from my brothers phones ( all five of my brothers) and said that i have to be more isolated from people until im medicated for this because im soo unstable. and i really dont know what to do. how do i convince them im not crazy and not doing this for can i get my family back???

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Wait, so he's saying your unstable, but you're doing it just for attention - though he says you need to be medicated? It all sounds confusing and distressing. Is there anyone else you can talk to about what's going on for you?

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yeah i know it so stressfull. and everything he's saying doesnt make sence, he just keeps changing what he's saying. and the only other person i can talk to is my best friend/sister.. but she really doesnt help much anymore,she will tell you one thing to try to confort you then swich to talking about her promblom or telling a story.

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Your dad found about your self harm and depression and are isolating you, that is wrong, that making you feel like depression is a disease or a problem..

I am sorry your dad is doing this to you, it makes no sense..

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i think the best thing you can do is sit down and talk to him properly and explain everything, because by the sounds of it hes just assuming that this is what you need. or your other option is to go to the doctors, if you can, and they can give you any help that you need and then you can show your dad that it is serious! hope this is some help, and good luck! xxxx

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Well when he confronted me about it we were sitting down and talking about it properly...but he still thinks that im doing this for attention. because he's finding out about a new issue as soon as he thinks the old one is when he thought that my depression was cleared up he found out that i've been cutting. then he thought he cleared up that i cant and wont cut anymore(although its not that easy,but he doesnt listen to tht) he found out about the voices in my head. but really none of he issues are fixed yet..he jsut doesnt see it that way.
so i guess the next thing i can do is the doctor like you said,thats actually a really good idea that i didnt think of before.

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