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Stay Strong! You are worth recovery!
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advice please?

hi, i'm looking for some advice on beginning to stop cutting. i've been cutting for over a year and towards the end of the school year i started getting really close to one of my teachers and i decided to tell her... by this point she'd already referred me for counselling so she referred me to camhs and told my mam, who took me to the doctors where i was referred to camhs again. i have my appointment for the 23rd of september but im finding it really hard to cope, especially without being able to talk to my teacher with it being the holidays... does anyone have any ideas/advice i could follow? i would be so grateful! xxx

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It's brilliant to hear that you are looking to begin to stop cutting, that is a massive step and you should be really proud of yourself for making this decision. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make when you are recovered :)

It must be very difficult over the summer holidays without the support of your teacher who you have come to know and trust. It also seems a very long time to wait for CAMHS so I'm sorry there is so little support for you. Is your Mam supportive towards you about the self harming? Maybe you could talk to her about how difficult things are for you and see if you can see your GP so you can at least have some extra support?

The Self Harm Information Package might be helpful for you to read through. It includes information about preparing to stop self harming, distraction techniques (it is a great list!), making yourself a safety box and also lots of different useful contacts.

You are also welcome to post on RYL anytime or if you don't feel comfortable posting on the forums, you can e-mail the supporters at - the supporters aim to reply to all e-mails within 24 hours.

For me, when I started to breakaway from cutting myself, I found it really helpful to make myself an inspiration board. I found quotes online or through people that I knew that were inspiring to me. I also put all my goals, my hopes and dreams etc, reasons to quit self harm, pictures that made me think (such as of my little cousins) and I also included on the board a distraction list. This was great for me because it meant when the urges were great there was something easy to visualise.
I also find the 'Moving Forward' section of the forums really helpful on bad days.

We are here for you. Take care honey,

Lottie x

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If you feel you need to be seen sooner you should keep phoning camhs up and asking to be seen sooner they will bump you up eventually.

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Stay Strong! You are worth recovery!
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I really like the idea of the inspiration board, Id never thought about anything like that! so I'm definitely going to give that a go! :)

And my mam is quite supportive but I wont talk to her about it because I just feel awkward, and at the minute she's on holiday so I'm staying with my grandma and none of my family know anything so I don't really have any one to talk to at the minute, so right now I think it might be worth another trip to the doctors.

And I'll see my mam about phoning up camhs and asking to be seen sooner as I think it would do me a lot of good!

Thanks for the advice! xxx

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