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hay i have been feeling really lonely and rejected is that reason to relapse as after i cut i felt zoo much better

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There is never a good enough reason to harm yourself and I'm sure most of the members on this site will say the same thing. Plus, the things that caused you to feel the way you do will still be there even after you harm because you are only putting those problems on the back burner instead of dealing with them head on. Would you like to talk about why you are feeling lonely and rejected? Perhaps talking could be helpful and you can try different types of distractions to hopefully lessen the urges to hurt yourself.

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I agree their is never a good enough reason to self-harm. It might make you feel better in the short-term but your still going to come back to the same problem. It is better to look at the problem and work out why it's effecting you and what you can do about it. What's making you feel so lonely and rejected?

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I'm wondering if you feel you need to punish someone/yourself, by self harming? Understanding the feelings that led to this relapse in more detail can support you managing such difficult feelings in the future without hurting yourself.

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if you're feeling lonely and rejected, generally the best thing to do is try and connect with other people in a positive way, as that will actually releive the lonely and rejected feelings... can you think of a way to spend time with or talk with people who make you feel happier?

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