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The Herbalist.
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I dislike being drunk. I've rarely ever been drunk because I am good at gauging my limits. I like drinking though and will gladly have a few drinks. I've never been one to emo out and get sad when I drink (so far!), so drinking a bit always seems to put a smile on my face, make me a bit less shy and a bit more chatty. I've never gotten drunk to the point of losing control, forgetting half the night or not knowing what I am doing... I really don't think I'd like that! I'd be mortified if I woke up and didn't remember anything from the night before haha

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oh god, i have never ever been drunk to the point where i couldnt remember what happened. These days i know my limits

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Im one of those people who every now and again just wants to get really really drunk. But I usually sober up before I go to bed because I hate waking up drunk during the night.

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I've got so drunk in the past that I was still drunk in the morning when I woke up, it was like the gift that kept on giving! Just kidding :P actually after I've been that drunk I feel pretty awful afterwards.

I usually stay within my limits when I drink now though, hangovers aren't pleasant.

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