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Sexual Health - Should I worry?

I've got such bad period pains.

I'm on the pill which is making me feel rubbish anyway. I took the last one on Tuesday in the evening but started bleeding that morning??? Not much but still. I've only been on it about 5 months but each month my period hasn't started till at least the Friday. Why would I start bleeding before I'd even taken the last pill in the packet? I've been a horrible emotional wreck the last couple of weeks, I'm thinking about getting the coil. I made an appointment for the well woman clinic which isn't till, like, the 15th November.

Anyway. I've been fine up until today but today I've been in bed all day. I haven't suffered this badly in quite a while. I feel like I'm going to faint when I stand up and the pain's just getting worse.

I had a miscarriage a few months ago (early, I didn't know I was pregnant). I'm almost 100% sure I'm not pregnant again. But the pain makes me worry. I might see if I can see a doctor tomorrow morning if I don't feel better, although I feel like I'm making a fuss over nothing.

Should I be worried? Normally I wouldn't be but gah I worry about these things after miscarrying.

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I think the best place for you to go is to a gp.

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How long after your miscarriage did you go back on the pill?

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Hmm not long, about a week maybe I think.

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That could be the reason. You really shouldn't start the pill until you're on your period, otherwise things can get screwy, but you still shouldn't have pain aside from the usual cramps that accompany your period. I'd go off the pill, see a doctor, and see what they have to say. If you go on the pill again, don't start taking it until you're on your period.

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Hmm not sure. My period was late which was when I got checked out and found out I was miscarrying. I just started taking the pill at the end of the break like I normally would so I didn't actually stop (because I didn't know that I was pregnant).

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