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hello kitty themed room

I am going to redecorate my room into a hellokitty theamed room but i've never actually redecorated my room by my own self so i need some advice and some questions anwsered....

# how do i go about decorating my room? i know that sounds like a stupid question but i don't know how to do it

# what do i need to do it?

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It depends what your walls are like at the moment. If they are just painted and you want to paint over it (the easiest idea), I would suggest washing the walls with sugar soap (bought from DIY store, Wilkinsons) and then painting them.

Personally I think that it will be best painted plain pink and white and then accesorize with hello kitty stuff... I think you can get wall stickers, borders, curtains, lightshades etc.

So if you are painting it, you would need paint, a paint tray and whatever you want to use to paint- either brushes, rollers, paint pads. Also you should probably get masking/frog tape to go round the edges of the room so that you don't paint where you don't want to.

I would suggest getting someone to help you with it if you haven't done it before! It really hard to describe!!!

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yeah if going to paint, the type of paint matters...some types are best for outside, some for bathroom, some for bedrooms, slightly different finish to them. pink and white would be best, so looks good no matter how many other hello kitty things you add. if theres no one to help, you could talk to the person sellin the paint, they should be able to recomend paint types etc. oh and need drop cloth so you floor doesnt end up painted too :p

if painting is not an option, above said, curtains etc, maybe a poster, somethin for your save some money if want/need, could go for shade of pink sheets close to hello kitty shade with white comforter/duvet whatever you use and add hello kitty pillows. much cheaper than gettin a whole hello kitty sheet set and depending on bed size might not be an option anyways. companies seem to think only people with twin size beds like character bedding

before makin any choices look around at whats out there, im sure theres lots! online too. what the walls look like is prob the first decision should make as affects the whole room and whatd look good with the walls.

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