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Silly Teenage Problem

I am sure I am not the only person this has happened to. My best friend (a guy) likes me. He hasn't told me directly but I know. Thing is, I don't like him. I don't know how to handle this without ruining our friendship or making things awkward. Help?

PM me anytime :)

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Deary me, whoever said the teenage years are the best clearly was never a teenager!

Don't do anything until he approaches you, it might make things worse if you go tell him you don't like him, especially if he doesn't know that you know he likes you.
Wait until he does something, and let him down gently but firmly. Just explain that he is your friend and you don't see him in that way.


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I agree just pretend you haven't heard about his feelings about you and see what he does. He might admit them to you and ask if you feel the same, just use this time to prepare to give him an honest but nice answer.

The worst that can happen is he gets upset but you just need to remind him that having you as a friend is better than having you as nothing at all, you know?

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I am in the exact same situation so pm and anytime to tell me how your dealing with it. Only if u want to though. My friends keep asking me about it but the best thing to do is not to gossip. That could really embarrass him. All you can really do is wait until he asks u out. Then let him down.

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Ah, I just subtly friend zone them, but it depends how good of a friend they are. Like if you talk to them about everything then I would mention a guy I like or be like 'youre a really good super awesome friend' until they get the message.

Definitely dont tackle him head on about it because that will just embarrass him and he probably thinks hes being super subtle.x

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Yeah Pretty recently iv been the guy in this exact situation. Dont go to him about it, but when/If he comes to you dont mess about tell him you care about him greatly as a friend and you think hes a great guy but that it just wont work out between the two of you. Expect him to take some time but it should work out. ( In my situation the girl in question ( after i gave up several times) decided she liked me back and it seems to be working out. So dont slam any doors to hard incase you change your mind maby?

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You can mention peoples relationships troubles casually and in general, and then say something "Thank God I won't have any problems like that until I'm much older!" The light will go on - or out as the situation may be!

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Thanks for all of the good advice guys :)

PM me anytime :)

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