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Hair dye, green

Hey guys and gals, I was wondering if anyone knows a pretty good hair dye for a decent price, green. I want a dark green, like forest green nothing neon. I have dirty blonde hair (more blonde though) so maybe the color will stand out more.

I can have my friend dye it for me, just need the dye heh.


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It's okay. I have a supersoaker.
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green fades to grey!!!!

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^^ very true, I've had friends dye their hair green and a week or so later is just looked.. Nasty and grey. :\


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i use directions i did my hair green before but it was apple green, stayed in for weeks and worked really well the pot's down here in gravesend are 4.95 but i know up derby they was only like 3.50 so you just have to look around for it. the link i put up is the site where you can see all the colour's

hope this helps

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Punky Color is a favorite of mine, here's their color list:

The dye costs like $9.99, which isn't bad considering if you go to Hot Topic and buy Raw or SFX, they're $15 a bottle.

You can find Punky at most hair salons, or buy online :D

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I used stargazer stuff, 5 a pot willl do shoulder length n a bit more. N it doesnt fade to grey, tho it does end up with a few extra colours you didnt dye it after a few months (mine went purple, yellow n pink) :P

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Life and Lies
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I use stargazer too, buy from Blue Banana or New Look for 5, I usually use the bright pink and haven't had any problems with fading etc, but I have had trouble getting the bright blue to take.

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I've had good luck with Raw haircolor. I get it at Hot Topic. Not sure where else it may be sold... but I've used their purple and their red dye, and loved the results. The purple lasted almost two months!

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