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Still fighting urges

I'm so proud of myself for not harming in 4 years but I don't get why I'm still having really bad urges to harm or even worse I'm 30 years old you would think I would be thinking of these thing I never really hurt myself that much l didn't even think I was really addictive to it but I guess also I dont give in to these urges cause I know what I slip I will want to continue sorry if this was stupid

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Congratulations on overcoming your urges! It is not an easy task by any means. At one point this was a real coping mechanism for you and your brain still recognizes it as such. So when you encounter a situation where you would have harmed in the past, it's still something that you think about. I honestly think that I'll have the urge to self harm at some point or another for the rest of my life, because it was the only coping I knew for a long time. But you're strong enough to fight these urges and you should be very proud of yourself for coming so far. I wish you the best!

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There is nothing stupid about your post at all! Well done on four years free, that's a brilliant achievement :). I've been free for a similar amount of time and I hugely agree that a good reason to resist the urges is that one slip could very easily run into a bigger relapse.

Even though it's still really hard sometimes, I do think it's got easier over time, especially when I've worked through some of my issues and got onto the right medication. Have you had any professional help to work through the issues that cause you to have self harm urges?

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You've done better than me. At 38 I slip at least once a year...things get overwhelming and I can't stop myself. I always regret it the day after but I need it at the time.

Kudos to you for beong stronger than I can be.

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