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I had a gingerbread latte again today. I want little gingerbread men to go with it. Noms.

'Cause I'll always remember you the same.
Oh eyes like wild flowers within demons of change ♥

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I threw my pie for you.
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I had a roast dinner, something I haven't had in donkeys.

Also, had plum cake. Yum.


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Partially hibernating
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Roast dinners with lots of veggies!

Three cheers for love of the simplest kind.
The coins I flip land on their sides.

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@ Serendipity - do u have a passion for food and if so have u been brought up with a family who cook all the time and love food? I see that ur egar to share ur thoughts with others on here about ur love of food :)

I don't do much cooking but I do like food and enjoy cooking. I'm not bad at it. My favourite foods are vegetable pizza, salads, fruit, chicken, pasta, rice, bread, soup and many more lol. I love Chocolate! :)

I work in a Bistro as waitress/kitchen assistant and enjoy it. I like any sort of food really. I can eat anything. I am a bit fussy if I don't like something but mostly I like anything. The only food I don't like is parsnips. Like Christmas with the Christmas dinner and everything else what comes with it. My mum usually cooks but I help out and sometimes cook simple meals.

Would like to learn to cook more. I have done it before as I said above through school and work etc

Recipes I like to follow as I get better at cooking. There are some I know but it's going through them what will take time to share. I find some myself on the internet what I can share. I don't have any with me right now.

JusC x

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