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UCAS Application

I'm in year 13 and I'm currently applying to universities as I'm sure many people on here already have.

There's a disabilities box, do I tell them I have a mental illness? I don't want it to affect the universities' decisions.

Anyone got any experience with this? It's worrying me.


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sherlock holmes
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It won't affect their decision. It just means they know who needs extra support, it really doesn't affect your chances of getting in.

Universities contact those with disabilities in order to put into place arrangements and things like Disabled Students Allowance and exam arrangements.

I think that if you didn't want to put it on UCAS you contact the university once they've made you an offer to tell them about your mental health problem.

I've applied to university three times in total, each time declaring mental health and each time getting offers.

I'm just about to start my new university this month and they are brilliant with helping me with my mental health.

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I didn't put in on mine, I regret it. I thought it'd affect the application but it doesn't, it just means you get an email before you go offering extra support / pointing you towards the counsellors etc if you feel you need it. :)

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