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really sore surgical wound

I had an emergency laparoscopy done around 4am on wednesday morning - I had my appendix removed, what was left of a cyst & a lot of free flowing blood drained. I think I possibly have an infection on my right side. its really really sore & I have a lot of redness coming from the sides of dressings I've got on. the other 2 cuts are sore when there's any sort of pressure on or around them, but otherwise ok, any other pain i've got feels more muscular. the pain on my right side is constant & really sore. I've been prescribed dihydrocodeine & taking 1 - 2 tablets every 4 hours with paracetamol.

I'm gonna get a doctors appointment tomorrow - is there anything I can do tonight to help reduce the soreness of it?

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After my laparoscopy I used heat bags a lot (you know the ones you microwave?) but just be careful they aren't too hot for your skin. xx

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You can try heat over the area and/ or cold therapy (ie ice (with a towel between that and your skin) for a max of 15mins every hour) and that may help. Sometimes combining the two by using heat then cold then heat again can help though for muscular pain overall heat is usually more successful but it may be internal swelling you're experiencing. As, from memory, you're asthmatic (? sorry if I'm wrong), then taking NSAIDs such as ibuprofen/ diclofenac/ naproxen/ aspirin isn't advised.

Apart from that all I'll say is either phone the hospital and ward where you had it done or ring NHS Direct on 0845 46 47

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cheers people. could this be locked as i've got a doctors appointment now?

tah. x

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