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I can't do this

I am really struggling feel suicidal and my psychosis is bad been a bit psychotic the last 3days and self harming a lot at the moment it's second to third degree burns so quite bad need some support i feel like I can't go on anymore

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I'm sorry you're struggling. You can do this though, you are doing this. Did you mention to your counsellor that you feel like you need some more support right now? Maybe they could get in touch with other professionals to see if they could offer anything at the moment. Have you had treatment for your self harm? Don't be alone with all of this if there is someone you can confide in.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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Hi, I just wanted you to know I saw your post and I care. I'm not on here much but always respond to PM if you ever need an ear.

Mand, South Wales, Full-time working, single mother to 2 scarily independent girls.

Mand x

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