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Signs you are overstaying your welcome

I am just curious, how can you tell if you are overstaying your welcome, especially if your friend still lives with your parents? Sometimes when I am over at a friendís house, I will help with certain things like setting the table or cleaning up after a dinner if there is one. This helps and they like it when I do this. It is appreciated. But sometimes I wonder if there are times where I could be overstaying my welcome even though I never invite myself.

Anyone know how to tell if someone is subtly sending signals that they need a break from me being over? Iím sure if someone was short with you constantly, that would indicate a sign but if someone is not short with you and hides it, then it may be more difficult. I donít spend every day there but I just like to be careful at times since we do hang out a few times a week.

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You could ask them?

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Originally Posted by nonperson View Post
You could ask them?
Well most people are not going to tell you outright unless you annoy them so much that they just have to confront you. I would love it if it were that easy but itís not. Most people just give subtle cues unless you make them really mad or annoyed. And usually by that point, they wonít want you back. Better to catch the subtle cues before it is too late.

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a simple "**** off" works for me

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