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Hope Springs
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Detective Annilee Worth was in the home of the home of gun shot victim, Marjorie Markham with the suspects: the victim's sister, husband and maid. She knew who did it, but she was outnumbered and couldn't take a chance. Her partner called. She said, "Not nary a killer here. Think I'll take a walk. You know I can't resist a clear night. I think I heard an owl, gonna go see if I can't find more Hooters." She walked outside and ran to safety with the suspects unsuspecting.
But her partner knew the killer was there. Annilee spoke perfect English. An error told him the killer was there. She also loved anagrams. It took him a few minutes to find the words to unscramble the two words that told him who the killer was.
Minutes later, he burst in the front door with backup and arrested the sister.
What error told him the killer was there? And what two words did he unscramble to figure out who it was.

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Hope Springs
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Hint: 2 negatives make a positive.

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I always have a choice
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Oh man, I can’t figure it out! My excuse is tiredness :P

We’ll find a way to fight it, we always have.
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