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Fear of Success

I have had a long path while deciding to recover. One thing I didn't think I would deal with is the Fear of success.

I have all the basics down and have managed to live apart from my abusive family - which has done wonders for me.

But I want more vision for my life, outside of damage control and just trying to "grind"and "survive".

I feel like I've done so much surviving by the skin of my teeth, and somehow making it that it would be nice to lay down and relax next to a life path and vision that is mine. But, when I get started, sometimes I get ashamed of my own vision or I wonder if I should have a more practical one etc. etc. Or I wonder if I shouldn't be so "unconventional".

Anybody have advice?

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Do you talk through this vision with anyone? I hope that if you talked through it with someone supportive they would be able to reassure you that you don't need to be ashamed of your ambitions and that might help you feel less scared/unsure.

Also, it might not seem directly related but have you had any counselling or other therapy dealing with the abuse from your past? It sounds as though you doubt yourself a lot and I'm wondering if that is linked.

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@ shoez

Myself I am endlessly pragmatic and not at all emotional.

So the first question which pops into my head when I read your post is ... Do you have the skills required to attain your goal? Do you have a plan to get to that goal ... A realistic, practical, achievable pathway.

If not then you need to address that issue.

So whilst I have no clue what your vision might be ..... I can assure you that you need a workable plan to get there, because that is how life works.

Luck is the residue of hard work on nearly every single occasion.

Good fortune to you.

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I urge you to hire a life coach, if it's possible to talk about this. If your vision is confidential, that's understandable. But you need someone to guide you towards a more positive outlook on your path to success. You need to change your entire perspective on this. Why are you ashamed? Is there a sinking feeling that it might not pan out as you would expect it to? My advice is, and i always say this to myself on a daily basis, little changes amounts to bigger changes. So in terms of your vision, take small steps towards it, and be grateful for little achievments. Seek out opinions of people, if someone is not happy with your work as for constructive criticism, learn from it and see how you can make a positive overhaul. Good luck on your endeavor. :)

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