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Zero by Hawk Nelson
Beauty from Pain by Superchic[k]
Behind the Scenes by Francesca Battistelli
These all helped me to some extent

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There is an American death metal band I got into recently called carnifex whose singer has issues with depression so all the lyrics are about depression/suicidal feelings etc, they aren't so much ABOUT getting over these feelings but provide a positive release for those negative emotions if that makes any sense??

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trying to occupy space
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Elliott Smith - LA
I'm pretty sure it's about a failed attempt and how glad he is that he survived. At least, that's always what I thought/heard. (Either way, he's my absolute favorite musician. Well worth a listen..:) )


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Please don't cut by mikelwj. It's helped me in the past.

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I find what helps me is listen to songs about cutting and suicide that are not anti cutting or suicide but it makes me feel better. A perfect circle orestes is a good example

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