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things I wish people know about self-injury

so I was talking to my DBT therapist, you know doing therapy. as you do. and I was talking about when I SI its usually in the bathroom. she was like "that makes sense, especially when there are razors around"

I was seriously annoyed and frustrated! like just because I self injure doesn't mean I use a razor! I find it extremally frustrating when people just assume I cut and that I use a razor to do so. please stop getting your reference from TV shows and movie's, seriously.

it also got me thinking about all the things that people then about self-injury. as a voluntary youth worker, I was told I needed to take a brake, coincidently after people found out about my SI. like I was a danger to everyone.

back when I was younger my mum hid all the knifes in the kitchen, it lasted a week though. she got fed up of having to supervise me making my food :)

I just needed to rant to people who would understand. how do you deal with these situations? I try to take a deep breath and explain how they are wrong or just angrily keep my mouth shut.

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I understand the frustration that wells up when people treat the symptom rather than the cause (like your mother trying to help by taking the knives away). It can feel like you are being asked to make your pain invisible so as not to inconvenience others. It is also painful when people jump to conclusions about your situation rather than taking the time to listen and understand your experience.

I suspect that most of these mistakes and assumptions are innocently made, so it's good that you are either explaining yourself or walking away if you find you can't discuss it calmly. For me, having one or two people in my life who understand and can listen without judgement, either online or in person, has made a tremendous difference. Being misunderstood by most of the world is easier to bear when you know you are understood by someone whose opinion truly matters to you.

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I just don't bother with them anymore. What really gets me is when people think self harm is just cutting. -_- I bruise myself.

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