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Wound Care Question - intentional face wounds.. how to stop?

ive been self harming for the past 4 years, and my typical place to cut is on my thighs. recently, however, i have picked up another way of self harm by picking at my face and causing intentional wounds/bleeding. i think i picked up this "habit" from a combination of my anxiety and also being triggered, and i know that face wounds and wounds caused by bare hands can be infected really easily (in fact, some of mine have been infected before and caused a huge mess). some of the wounds on my face have been there for months because i constantly reopen them, and some of them have spread to the edges of my scalp, where hair follicles are. i know that those can cause bald spots if i continue to reopen them. i already have some very minor scarring around my hairline, and its gotten to the point where anyone i know will tell me to stop if they realize that im picking at my face. sometimes i dont even realize im doing it until I'm bleeding (sometimes due to disassociation), and once i see the blood i want to continue. does anyone have any possible tips on how to break this, and heal the wounds and scarring quickly? much love. x

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The best way to heal the wounds is to keep them clean and try to avoid reopening them. You could try covering the wounds with plasters to help prevent you interfering with the wounds without realising.

Have you ever had a fidget or similar? Maybe having something to fiddle with might help to reduce this if it's something of an anxious fidgety habit.

In terms of dissociation, are you receiving any professional support for managing this and have you tried any grounding techniques?

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