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Has anyone ever tried Lithium to treat depression? Side effects? Did it work?

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I was only on Lithium for a week and my psychiatrist said there were no obvious changes and took me off it. I think most people get to give it a try for more than a week though.

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Hi I've been on lithium now for several weeks. Unfortunately it has done nothing for me. Obviously this is only my experience though and it could work for someone else, I've heard a lot of people go on lithium and it changes their life.

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I was on it for 4-6 weeks and it did nothing. I've stopped now.

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I was on lithium for a couple of years. I think it took a while to get up to the right dose but I believe I felt better quite quickly after getting to a therapeutic level. Obviously everyone is different but for me, it was pretty good side effect-wise. I felt really tired and struggled cognitively after going on it and every time the dose was increased but that would wear off and I was pretty much side effect free. It worked really well for me, I was stable on it for quite a while and came off it about six months ago and I've been mostly okay since then. I would definitely consider going back on it if I needed to.

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Lithium generally won’t have much effect in a few weeks. I know it’s shitty but can’t make a call about it’s efficacy for you after such a short time space.

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