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Auburn Shadow
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I don't know where to turn. I see people around me and they have close friends they can confide in when they have issues. Me? I only have my husband. And therein lies the problem. He's in hospital, and I literally don't know how to handle it. Not without alcohol. Which has recently almost gotten me sacked. So. I don't know where to turn. Any ideas of anything I can do to get help?

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***get better soon baby, I need you***

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Soft Kitty
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Hi there, and welcome. It's quiet around here these days, so don't be too disheartened if you don't get too many replies. I'm sorry your husband's in hospital, I really hope he's okay? It sounds like things are very difficult for you at the moment. Do you have any thoughts about what type of help might be useful?

I'd say the first port of call is usually contacting your GP and making an appointment if things are too much of a strain on your mental health. You mentioned using alcohol to cope, if you can it might be worth telling the GP that as it might hopefully expand the number of services they could signpost or refer to. It's difficult to say what the GP might say/do, but I do think that a first step is to get yourself to an appointment.

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