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Hiding Amaranth
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I might have a new job!

As some of you may have read, I'm on the hunt for a new job. My current one keeps cutting my hours back, and they come up with the flimsiest of excuses for it, including things they outright made up. For example, they claim that I'm refusing to make customer orders, and instead demand that someone else make them. Even my coworkers that dislike me have said that is B.S., but the managers swear that I actually do that.

So I started searching for a new job. I had my doubts, because I have a hand injury that requires a support, which doesn't make me look like a very strong or productive employee. But I was gonna try anyway. It was either that or lose my house from not working enough at my current job.

But today, I got a call back from one of the places I applied to! The manager was checking to be sure I was still interested in the job before running a background check (since it costs them money, they don't want to do it just to find out that the person didn't want the job anymore). I should hear back in a few days, and if all goes well, I should get an interview!

But the manager said something interesting while talking to me. She said that one of her current employees is a regular at my current job. That employee gave the manager a stellar review of the performance she sees me do there, telling the manager that I look like a really hard worker, and that she thinks that I would do a great job if I was hired. How did the employee identify me? By the wrist/hand support I wear.

So there you have it. The injured hand I was so worried would make me look like a poor employee actually managed to inadvertently make me look like a great employee. And hopefully, that will help me get this job!

~Hiding Amaranth

"Just because you know my name
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~Marina & The Diamonds - "The Outsider"

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That's wonderful news! I really hope you get your interview and that you get the job :) x

“There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night.”

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Here is to hoping you do get the new job. Lots of luck!

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Aw, that's really great to hear :)

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well done hun :) x

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That's really great! Best of luck! :)

"You've used and abused me, but you will NOT destroy me!" Alice Liddell. Alice: Madness Returns

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