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I just want a friend.

There are people all around me, but I feel as if I have no one I can truly talk to. I feel so alone and have so much I need to get off my chest.

I just want someone I can talk to.. Whether I'm at a low point, or happy even.

For the last 5 years, things haven't been great. I'm now 20 years old and have gone nowhere with my life and I have no initiative, or even the energy to do anything I want that might make things better.

And, I feel like I'm a burden to everyone around me because of it.
I can't drive and I have to rely on others to get me to and from work/etc. and, my boyfriend specifically is alway getting upset with me, telling me that I need to learn to drive.
I've tried so many times to explain my crippling fear of driving, but no one will listen or believe me or take me serious.

I just wish this would all go away.

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i cant drive either so can sort of understand feeling liek a burden due to it. Do you know why it scares you so much?

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Hi. I'm sorry to hear how difficult things are right now. Do you have anyone you can talk to?

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Why are you so worried about driving? I know some people just are too scared or don't have the desire to drive so i understand that..

I drive and it the best thing i have done, could you try maybe doing some driving lessons in a carpark to see if you can cope with it..

I am sorry you are feeling so bad and things have been tough, have you got any support around you, like a professional, someone you can talk to about how you are feeling..

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Hey... I can completely empathise with wanting someone to talk to when things are bad... And good. I had a friend who was amazing thru the bad times which is what I needed but once she thought I was ok we didn't really speak which u was gutted about. It sounds like your boyfriend could be a little more supportive in understanding how you feel about learning to drive. You know your own mind an how you feel about something, you want people to respect that. Could you get a bike instead so that you can get ourself too and from work without feeling that you are relying in others??? I didn't drive til I was 28 which is when I felt ready to learn. Back to having no one to talk to... There are so many good listeners in here... You can make plenty of virtual friends and it doesn't just have to be when you feel in a crisis, there are different forums depending on what you want. Sending lots of hugs, Jo xx

Jo xx

Skye xx

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Ps... You are welcome to Send me a private message to offload what u need to get off your chest, I'll help if I can x

Jo xx

Skye xx

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