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Exercise Bulimia - updated.

Hey guys,
I need a little support as im struggling alot right now. Im not in any treatment atm as I was discharged last summer & my doctor has messed my new referral up twice (im waiting to go out of area - so need to apply for funding etc).

Ive been a healthy weight for about 8 months now & this is the heaviest I have ever been in my life.
Im struggling with extreme low body image issues, im constantly needing reassurance that I look okay or that im not ballooning up as the day goes on. I binge and purge regularly to right now.
I actually eat extremely well when im not binging. My calorie intake is high and my foods are all healthy & clean.
Im very into fitness & I get upset/anxious and distressed when I can not work out or I eat something "bad". Im exercising even when my body is begging me to stop because its sore & tired but my mind wont allow me to. Ive gone from suffering from Anorexia so therefore constantly needed to lose weight to needing to have a "perfect & fit" body.
Im just never good enough & its bringing me down.

I just feel extreme guilt when i cant work out to the point it ruins my day or I hurt myself.
I dont know what to do or who to talk to. As a result of my guilt im BPing more and more & I now feel im lost in a vicious cycle between them both.

Any advice??

Update - today I snapped the ligaments in my neck from over exercise. I know it should be a(nother) wake up call & I've been told I can't exercise for atleast 6 weeks...I can not cope with that. I'm really struggling

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just to say I have that problem as well although I don't purge EXCEPT by the exercising. Which means a looot of time spent exercising if I binge- which I do most days. It's very miserable and for me has become a real trap and a way of life. I'm thin-ish but not drastically underweight so don't raise many concerns from health profs about it, even though I'm really honest about how much of my life it takes up.
hard to know what to do.
Well, for me I am trying to incorporate non-exercise things into my life very gradually and unthreateningly. It's been a problem for so long. I go to a choir now . Also I'm actually thinking of joining a rambling GROUP which would be a challenge for me because unlikely that others would be doing it for ED reasons and I reckon dealing with walking at others' paces and having some social time would change the focus.
It's a very hard addiction to conquer.

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oh man i don't even know where to start because i am in the same spot? when i cut down my daily intake, i also started excercising and that always went together for me, so now i HAVE to excercise or i feel horrible. and that means literally getting up at 5:30 am every morning to hit the gym before work and getting home at 6pm being completely exhausted to do the exact same thing again the next day. AND IT SUCKS. and i wish i could tell you how to stop or what to do. my everything hurts most days but i ignore it and i can't even tell you what i would do if i got injured :(((

jardiniere's advice is pretty good imo. do something to distract you. ugh and that sounds SO lame i know, can you go for walks at least? or ride your bike? that seems like small excercise but still something you know?

i hope you are hanging in there love. x

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