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What to post / What not to Post in this Forum

Welcome to the Mental Health Discussion and Support Forum. Mental Health problems and self injury are often seen hand in hand. This brand new forum has been created for members to discuss, ask questions, and receive support for a variety of different mental health disorders (diagnosed or suspected) and to discuss any issues that members may have about their mental health treatment.

What to Post in the Mental Health Disc & Support Forum

* questions &/or concerns about different mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dissociative & depersonalisation disorders and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

* questions &/or concerns about different treatment alternatives that are available for people with mental health problems, such as therapy, medication, ECT (electroconvulsive therapy), inpatient vs outpatient hospitalisation

* questions &/or concerns about mental health practioners that are involved in the care of someone with a mental health issue, such as therapists/counsellors, case workers, PDocs, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers etc

* questions &/or concerns about the law and mental health - eg - legislation, Mental Health Act, confidentiality issues, patient rights and responsibilities, regulations and forced hospital detention, mental health tribunal.

What NOT to post in the Mental Health Disc & Support Forum

* questions &/or concerns about Eating Disorders (see Eating Disorder forum), Substance Abuse (see Substance Abuse Forum), recovery from sexual/emotional/physical Abuse (see Abuse and Bullying Forum)

*questions &/or concerns relating to self harm or self injury (see SI Discussion forum)

*graphic or suicidal posts (Serious Discussion forum)

* posts that breach the RYL Terms and Conditions of posting. (ie - the rules of posting in RYL forums)

* Posts, self diagnostic quizs, and questionaires that aim to diagnose a person with a mental health disorder - this can only be done by a trained mental health practioner.

If you have any issues, feel free to contact the moderators
(see staff listings)

Thanks :)

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Recently, the Community Team noticed that there has been an increase in threads asking forum members for a diagnosis. This is just a reminder to say that as members of RYL we can never provide a diagnosis because we/are not medical professionals. Although any member can give their perspective from their own experience or knowledge, this is only one perspective, as everyone is different and experiences symptoms differently. Also many illnesses have very similar symptoms.

If you do feel the need to ask members about symptoms and diagnosis, perhaps you could consider talking to your doctor first because you will not get a diagnosis from RYL. RYL is a really fantastic source of support, however, and I’m sure that you can find something that can help you, so why not make a thread about something less formal than a potential diagnosis? This would help us to better support you.

We know that it can be a very distressing position to be in, when destructive thoughts/feelings/behaviours are taking over your life. At those times it can feel as though the only way that somebody will listen is through your gaining a diagnosis. However, you can be sure that RYL-ers will be there for you whatever the problem. We want to support you with it, if you let us, and we care about your feelings.

So if you want to make a thread asking for a diagnosis, have a think about why you want the label in the first place and what we could do to help you.

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