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Supported living

So I went to look at a supporter living place and know I got to make a chose about what to do but I like the whole idea of supported living which is in a shared house but a big age diffenxe but the location is bit far and that bit thatís stopping I donít want my whole roetyine to go up in smoke all off sudden and not be able to do things donít know what to do at all feel stuck and lost so I say no and see what else is available or just say yes to please every one

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This is about you, so do what is best for you not what you think will please other people. Can you ask about other options but keep this one open too? Maybe list the pros and cons of going for this arrangement. Is there no one you feel able to honestly discuss things with? Why do you feel like you need to please other people?

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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From what Iíve been told I canít stay weíre I am they want keep finding me to stay here but there not many options that I can do this was one the social worker said I donít have to leave there if I donít but I donít know if she being a bit 2 faced as before she was like you have to move on from here you canít stay here but I donít know if I should go for it but then I donít thibk I could face all the changes it brings but then I not sure if age thing is stopping me to to much of sifferenxe and the people there sound very demont and very over taking as well

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