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if anyone sees this please suggest something I can do to make it stop. I've been clean since January and I felt a lot better and I was so much happier but I feel it coming back and I started to SI again and I can feel myself changing again.

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Can you identify a trigger that may have started all of this again? Did something happen to make you feel the need to SI? Are you doing it out of a need or is it to help you feel better about something else? I think the first step is always to identify why you want to SI. Then you can go about finding ways to know how to help yourself stop.

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Good advice activebrain.
IDK anything about your situation but I think it sometimes is to be cool. Not panic. **** happens but you don't necessary go back to the bad place you were before. Maybe it's just a relapse and you'll be out of it soon. Given that it's not something that has triggered you, as activebrain suggests.
Take care

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