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Psychiatrist anxiety

So I was diagnosed by my primary care doctor and therapist with generalized anxiety disorder and a panic disorder. My PCP wants me to go to a psychiatrist to manage the medication I'm on for it, and my first appointment with this new doctor is on Friday. I read on their website that they can use MRI/CTs to help diagnose and treat disorders, and the thought of this terrifies me. I've had an irrational fear since I was like 10 that I have a brain tumor (yes, I realize it's the anxiety) and therefore have always had a fear of getting a brain MRI. If I already have a diagnosis and just need medication management, will they do any diagnostic tests like this? What's your experience?

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I'm sorry I don't have any experience of this but it would be more than ok to ask the psychiatrist what your options are. I'm sure you wouldn't be forced to have any tests and if they did think they would be beneficial they could try and talk things though with you to make things less scary. They probably do different things depending on what each individual needs so you may only need medication management. Would you be able to ask your doctor or therapist what they believe will happen? I hope everything goes well on Friday. If it helps you could write down some questions to ask the psychiatrist. Take care.

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I've never heard of anyone getting anything like that done unless you're doing something like ECT or in need of specialized testing. For just general med management, it's highly unlikely and you can always turn it down if they offer.

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