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Join Date: May 2019
I am currently:
Rappers I listen too

Eminem, Ronnie Radke (he's not just a singer), Jack & Jack, and Mac Miller. I don't really listen to rap, but those are my favorite ones.

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Location: U.K.
I am currently:

I HEART Eminem. Also Kanye West. At one point I was a fan of Dr Dre.

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Location: New York
I am currently:

Nas, Jay Z, ICP, Kanye West ... and a couple more I can't remember right now. Heh...

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Location: Mid Wales
I am currently:

Yelawolf, MOP, Eminem (earlier stuff) Dr Dre and many others. Not into mumble rappers or cloud rappers ..... Though a guilty pleasure is probably Takeshi 69 and his track Gummo.

I've listened to rap since the mid 90's and the 1st MOP album was introduced to me by an acquaintance, 'To the death'.

Rap can be extremely ingenious in it's use of beat linked lyrics; Eminem is of course a rap God, which makes Yelawolf .... Jesus ... as the track 'Down' goes.

On any form of social media, no matter where we reside on life's great food chain; we are all exposed to the thoughts of people whom we would never interact with in physical life

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