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Hope Springs
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Adult - Somewhere in Between

I don't know how many country fans there are out there. This is both a tribute and an indictment of the songs my grandmother to which my grandmother listened when I was a very little girl when my brain was in the sponge stage of development. There are 11 references to songs of that era. Please bear in mind this is supposed to be humorous.

A saint I ain't nor a Jezebel, not an angel with a broken wing
You won't find my kind in the country songs they write
Just a woman who falls somewhere in between

I'm not a victim, not a victim
I have dealt and felt my share of pain
Nothing a man can do
Will turn my eyes blue
They're still brown but they've cried in the rain

Not the most beautiful girl in the world
I am no silver dollar queen
But I clean up pretty good in my black dress and pearls
And still rock a pair of cut off jeans

Not a victim Not a vixen
Ain't easy being easy so that's one thing I'm not
My drive you to drinking, but I'm worth the whiskey
I'm a lot to take but I give all I got.

I won't leave you when you're down
But you won't find me walkin' the floor
While you're out, runnin' around.
Stand by my man til I can't stand no more

Not a vixen, Not a victim
Just do my best to be the best I can be
You don't have to satisfy
My 14 carat mind
And I don't need you to come and rescue me
Don't need a hero, won't take no zero
Just a fella fallin' somewhere in between

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The Shadow of the Day
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I'm not familiar with country songs really but that is good and the thought behind it is nice too.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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