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Contains sexual abuse - i found his address

so the guy who sexually assaulted me almost two years ago lives 2.2 miles from my house. i feel so gross knowing this. i don't think i ever want to leave my house again, not to go to the store, not to go to the library, nothing. i feel like i could run into him at any time. i already scan faces in crowds so that i'll see him before he sees me and i can get the hell out of there if i see him. (i wasn't looking for his address to go to his house, i was looking to see how close he lived to determine if it was safe to leave my house, and apparently it's not)

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Hello, sorry to hear that he lives so nearby, that's understandably very unsettling. Have you ever reported the assault or would you feel able to do so? I'm just wondering if there's any way of getting the support of the law in keeping him away from you.

Do you have people around you who could support you with getting out of the house if you don't feel able to do that by yourself right now?

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That is a tough situation to be in; I'm sorry!

Have you encountered him at all in the time after the assault? I know it's very possible yo may run into him and am not trying to discredit that very valid concern - I'm just wondering if you haven't run into him yet, can you tell yourself that there's just as much of a chance you might not run into him, or if you do happen to see him, he may not see you?

Are there any self-defense classes you can take to help you feel more empowered when you go out and about in town?

A said above, maybe a friend could come with you when you would like to or need to go out?

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Don't let him have the satisfaction of keeping you from doing things that you need to do. If you haven't already let the law know. You should be able to get a restraining order or CPO or something like that in order to help you stay safe. At any rate don't let him be the one who gets the win. I have a similar problem to because three of my past abusers go to my gym. I refuse to let them keep me from doing something I love. I just make sure I'm surrounded by plenty of people and keep an eye out so that I know that they're not following me when I leave. These people have won enough and we need to be the ones to take charge and not allow them to do it anymore. I'm so sorry you're having to experience this because no one deserves this.

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