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Adulting with kids

How do you do the day to day when you have kids and just are mentally exhausted from life? I have an ever growing list of things to do and can't muster up the energy to do any of it. I'm so tired. I'm in the "done with it all, I give up" mentality and can't seem to get out of it. It's like a take a step forward (yeah! doing good! I got this!) and then I blink and I'm 3 steps back (Can I just go back to bed? Please?). Crawling out of bed is getting harder to do. I know the events of this week have not helped me any (my 11yr old came home with a note that said "kill yourself") but there's got to be something to help push me forward. I'm not on meds and I'm deathly afraid to go on meds for fear they will make things worse. I'm the only one really there to fight for my kids. I'm just so overwhelmed. People tell me it gets better, it gets easier as the kids get older. But does it really? Sorry for the ramble. Just needed to get it all out somewhere.

Sometimes when I say "I'm okay," I want someone to look me in the eyes, hug me tight, and say "I know you're not."

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IDK what to say that would do any good.

Are you getting some help from somewhere?

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I'm sorry you're struggling-- can you try to reach out for some support? Meds in my experience have been super helpful when I have been dealing with thoughts/feelings like the ones you stated. It can be a tough process to find something that works, but I haven't generally had meds make things worse, and I have had them help, and it sounds like things are already pretty bad so maybe it's worth it to try something new?

Parenting is hard. Being a grownup and working and taking care of kids and not losing my temper sometimes when I'm frustrated-- all hard. I try to be gentle with myself, to ask for help when I need it, sometimes to make a checklist of things to do to help give me a sense of accomplishment-- even if it includes things to check off like "kids up, dressed, and off to school" and "shower." I don't know if things get easier as kids get older, but I don't think that being overwhelmed and mentally exhausted has to be your permanent state-- I think it is possible for it to get better, and I hope it can/does for you.

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