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What & What Not to post / How to label threads correctly.

Welcome to General Chat! This board is for the purpose of discussing non-support related topics. The range of topics that are discussed in General Chatvaries widely, but they all must stay within RYL's terms and conditions. Did you just buy a new puppy and want ideas on what to name it? Feel free to post about it here. Are you pondering over something you just read about in a magazine? You can post that too. You will find that the discussions here range from light-hearted to more in-depth. Whether you prefer discussing kittens, or you prefer discussing the meaning of life, you'll find something of interest in General Chat However, triggering material is NOT allowed. Your first step might be to browse through the stickied topics. They are easy to skip, but remember that sometimes new and important topics are added, so check often.

What to post here:

-Thoughts and questions on non-triggering topics.
-Non-political stories from the news that you'd like to share.
-Interesting events that happened during your day.
-Lighthearted humor and stories.
-Things you have accomplished and you are proud of doing.
-Amazing "epiphanies" you feel you've had about life.
-Announcements that you will be leaving RYL, so long as it does not include flammatory remarks about RYL or any of its members. (see RYL's Terms and Conditions of Posting.)

What NOT to post here:

-Threads seeking advice on any Self Harm related issue (these are best posted in Serious Discussion)
-Threads discussing Events or Meets (members are discouraged from posting arrangements to meet, in a place where such plans would be so publicly viewable - this poses safety concerns)
-"I'm new to RYL" Threads (these are best posted Introductions)
-Threads describing serious abuse or bullying (these are best posted in Abuse and Bullying Support)
-Thoughts and questions on any triggering material (these are best posted in Serious Discussion
-Any questions you may have about the main site or forum (these are best posted in Forum and Community Questions)
-Triggering rants for which you do not expect replies (these are best posted in Ranting/Venting Forum)
-Threads seeking advice on piercings or tattoos (these are best posted in General Support and Advice)

If you have any more questions, please direct them to the moderators. (see staff listings).

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How to label threads correctly in General Chat [please read].

How to label threads correctly in General Chat.

A clear list of correct labelling has been produced to try and protect RYL's members who could be accidently triggered by a post's contents if they do not realise what it contains. RYL's aim is to encourage recovery and the lack of clear labelling and the consequence of accidently triggering undermines this aim.

Please keep in mind the sensitive nature of many members when posting and remember that a simple label can remove the type of problems mentioned above. Also, please try and post in an appropriate forum so your thread recieves the proper attention and advice.

Below is a list of labels, a basic guideline to what you should include in your title bar of any post you make in general chat, many of which are self explanatory, although futher description is placed in brackets by some of them.

List of Labels that can be used in Genral Chat:

(Any post discussing something related to things such as sex etc. must be labelled to discourage younger members viewing potentially innappropriate conversation.)

*Image Heavy*
Chances are that there are RYL members who are using dial up, or just do not have a very good internet connection, letting them know your thread contains a lot of images before they click it can save them a lot of problems.

Can everyone also be aware that shortening labels can cause confusion and, therefore, undermines the benefits of having them. It is better to have a slightly longer title with clear labels than shortened ones that may cause a member to be triggered.
Finally, if you're not sure whether a label should be included or not, add it anyway - it's better to be safe than sorry!

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