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Request for Change of Psychiatrist Not Granted But Offered Second Opinion?

Many of you will be aware that about 13 months ago I took a serious overdose. I was in ICU for 5 days and spent a further 5 days on another ward recovering. There were major triggers in the run up to the overdose and the month before I had paid nearly £7000 for my grave and funeral plan to try and ensure I would be buried where my guide dog would be in future.

After the overdose the CMHT Psychiatrist saw me once and decided not to see me again. In her follow up letter to the GP she wrote my overdose was a Ďmaladaptive bargaining chip to barter for healthcareí. Itís not true, my attempt was genuine and serious. I nearly died and itís upset me a lot that she wrote this. Iím also angry she didnít say this to my face so it could be discussed but instead put it in a letter to my GP after deciding she wouldnít see me anymore.

Recently the mental health team has sent me another appointment with her because Iíve been struggling with my memory. I obviously donít want to see her. I wrote a letter to the CMHT requesting a change of Consultant. The CMHT havenít granted that but have offered me a second opinion appointment with a Psychiatrist who works in the same building. Is it normal for second opinions offered on the NHS to be with a Psychiatrist/Doctor from the same building? Iím worried about this as I fear the second opinion Psychiatrist may feel pressure from the other one or others in the building to agree with her opinion? I would prefer the second opinion to come from another Trust or at least from a Psychiatrist working at a different location in the same Trust. Iíve tried to put this forward but been told no.

Thanks for any insight or help anyone can give to this.

Just an extra note for those who know me on this site from some years ago - Iím sorry I havenít managed to reply to your threads. I do still read and care and wish you well.

i do not always manage to be around but i wish you all the very best - love and luck to you all!

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Have you tried contacting PALS?

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I’m just wondering if you could contact mind and ask for an advocate to support you? Or even if you contacted the clinical directors via email so you have a chance escalate yourself.

From my knowledge they should grant you the request to change dr. It sounds ridiculous that they are saying that. I know where I work if thepatients request to see a different psych or request a different cc and they have valid reasons then it should be granted. - personally the morning psych could get into a lot of trouble about writing that regardless if she had reasoning behind it.

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