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Private therapy and CMHT

Hi guys.

I have an assessment with a private psychotherapist on Tuesday for an initial consultation. I am going to struggle financially, but I cannot carry on merely existing and not able to work or study. I need more in my life and need to be well enough to do these things.

The community team deemed me to be too unstable for therapy, so I can't even go on a waiting list. I literally see my care coordinator for half an hour once a week or every other week to check in and that's it and other than that as long as I have a pulse then they are doing their job - or so they think.

Anyway, my question is, should I tell my care coordinator that I may be seeing a private therapist? If I did, would they discharge me? Would it be ok just to wait and see how I get along with this therapist and if I feel I can work with her/afford it, then tell my CC?

I have been trying to pretend to my CC that I'm not engaging in behaviours so that I could go on the wait list for therapy on the NHS but nope - it's not happening. I've been stuck at rock bottom for two years now and I can't carry on like this so something needs to change and although they aren't much use, I'm anxious that the CMHT will just dump me at the first opportunity.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you <3

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sherlock holmes
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Personally I'd be honest about it, and explain that you can't continue without therapy for any longer. It could even make them realise how serious you are about it and they could then put you on the waiting list. Discharging you because of it would seem counter intuitive but it's not outside the realm of possibility.

I just worry that if the therapy makes you a bit more unstable at first (as tends to be the way) you wont be able to get extra support from your CC if she doesnt know what's going on.

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Thank you guys!
I'm seeing my care coordinator on Monday and the consultation is on Tuesday. I think I may wait until after the consultation to tell my CC and ask the private therapist how she thinks I should handle it. It may be that after the consultation one or both of us might not want to work together.
I'm worried that starting therapy will cause me to become more unstable and that my CC will just tell me to get on with it. She is only part time and says she can't offer me anymore support than half an hour a week anyway.
And realistically I can only afford to have private therapy every other week, I don't know if the therapist will agree to that.

It is frustrating for me, I just want to get well enough to return to work or study and get my life back, even if it means breaking the bank.

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sherlock holmes
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Can you ask for a CC that is full time? In the past I requested things like that from my CMHT. You can write a letter directly to the manager of the CMHT outlining why you want the change, rather than asking your CC who might just brush it aside. It might even be a chance for you to write down your concerns that they never referred you for therapy and that you want to give it a go with some increased support.

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back, everything is different…

you once called your brain a hard drive, well say hello to the virus.

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Fire Fly
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I did start private therapy whilst still being on the waiting list for therapy. I didn’t tell my cc until I became unwell and then it suddenly came out when my therapist got worried. Much was totally supportive of it surprisingly. I was like you where I found it hard to find private therapybut after the first couple of sessions shes reduces the price to £40 pw but generally £40+ is the norm for london.

Just be careful. It maybe good to tell your cc as if it does make you worse and generally therapy does make you worse before better, your cc will be able to support you.

However I have reservations that if your team don’t think your stable then perhaps you should wait a little bit? They said about me until they did put me on the list but I can see where they came from as when I look bad I was very unstable and in and out of hospital and I don’t think I would of been able to engage with therapy as I do now.

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Thank you for your replies!

I will certainly see what can be worked out financially, whether I can get a discount or have sessions every other week.

Sherlock - my worry with asking for another CC is that it took 5, nearly 6 months to get my current one after my last one left in January right after I just got out of IP. My current one is actually really nice but I guess we don't know each other well as I was under crisis team or in IP when she took over and so really it's been only a couple of months that we have been working together. I have, from June, when I first met her, said how serious about therapy I am but she claims it's the psychotherapy department that won't accept me.
The thing is, the waiting list in my area is 6 months to a year so I don't see why I can't be placed on the waiting list now. And I don't really understand how they can expect me to become 'stable'...which is why I feel like I should just lie and say I haven't been engaging in self destructive behaviours, so I can get on the wait list quicker.

Thank you Fire Fly, I may mention that I'm going for a consultation and see what she says. At the end of the day it is just a consult and it may not work out but I guess it would be good to know where I stand with CMHT and if there would be any extra support available if needed.

I really appreciate your help guys, thank you!

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Good luck with working things out, financially and otherwise!

I guess eventually you and your CC will get to know each other better and things will get easier from there. Did she explain why psychoterapy department would refuse you?
Did you tried asking your CC why you can't be placed on the waiting list? The whole thing with you being stable is pretty confusing, but regardless I really don't think that lying to get on the waiting list faster is going to do anyone any good. If you can't be honest with professionals you work with about your issues, it really compromises the whole purpose of treatment, so I really hope they appreciate your honesty.

It will definitely be good to tell your CC that you're going to a consultation. That should clear things up a bit. Hope your CMHT will be cool about everything and provide you proper support. Good luck!

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