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Crazy Cat Lady
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I hope it's ok to post here.

I'm 26 and been struggling with depression, PTSD and an eating disorder for a number of years. I've been in and out of therapy for years and been working with my current therapist for 5 months.

She knows there has been childhood trauma but I still haven't been able to vocalise things. She said she's noticed I dissociated a lot and last week, had a particularly bad episode of dissociation where chunks of time is missing. I found a drawing and it's nothing like something a 26 year old would draw and I'm scared. I know the scene as it's a particular memory but I can't remember doing it. I gave it to my therapist and asked her not to look at it in front of me.

She said my ptsd is complex ptsd and gave me a ptsd booklet and a booklet on dissociative disorders. She asked me the percent of which I feel dissociated compared to in flashback, I said about 70% dissociated and 30% flashback.

She has said she has seen my inner child come out a lot, especially in relation to the eating disorder and said the other day I threw one of the distraction toys on the floor (when it's the one I usually like!) She also said she's noticed I repeat myself at times and forget what I've asked.

I'm scared what's going on and any advice would be appreciated. I feel so alone and like I'm losing my mind.

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It sounds like you've got an awful lot going on at the moment, but hopefully it means things are starting to get unlocked and you'll be able to make lots of progress in therapy.

Did you find the booklets that she gave you helpful?

In terms of dissociation, have you tried any grounding techniques?

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I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with these distressing symptoms.

I have a dissociative disorder and can relate to finding drawings, etc.

I've had therapy with dissociative specialists - is your therapist trained in dissociation? Chunks of time missing sounds like you might want to be evaluated for any dissociative disorders just in case.

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I have disassociation too. I find Caroline springs website helpful called PODS. so much information

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