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Contains bullying - I'm the loser again

Why can't I just be popular? not even popular, why can't I have ANY friends? I was at the football game tonight and you know what ****in happened? I'm sitting by myself obviously, I always do but some dick in the football team pointed me out to his friend, and the friend pointed me out to some other kid and they all ****in laughed at me to my face :'( like what the hell guys? can't I just be liked for once? I almost ****ing killed myself tonight because everyone saw them do it too, the whole school or most of it saw "that weird quiet kid" sitting alone like a ****in loser again. and I have class with those guys on Monday, I swear to god if they talk to me I'm gonna beat the **** out of em, no goddamn mercy

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When you're in high school some of the things people want is to be accepted and liked. For some people being popular is the main thing they want to achieve in high school, where they are liked by everyone.

People laugh, people call people names and it's not nice and it's not fair.

Are you a quiet person?
If you are a quiet person then there is nothing wrong with that. The trick is to find people like you, other people who are quiet. What are your interests? Are there any clubs you can join in school?

You mentioned that you nearly killed yourself, is there a local helpline you could call, i'm so sorry you're at this point in your life. Is there a school counsellor you could go and talk to?

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