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Music, any kind

Hey, I'm running out of music finally, and I'm wondering what everyone likes. Please don't suggest anything on the radio, obviously Ive already heard it lol what are some bands you like? your favorite album right now? what about best song/album you've ever heard? just suggest me anything, any genre

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The New album by "Lonely the Brave" Is out today and looks good.
Check out Flyleaf , Rasputina , Patty Griffiin , The Band Perry.

"Rust Never Sleeps" Is a WONDERFUL album by Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

Also Janis Joplin .
Hope that helps :)

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It's okay , they know me here .

Kahlia1981 is my adopted little sister :)

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Right now I have to recommend Amy Lee (from Evanescence)'s new solo album, Aftermath. It's her first solo album and quite different from Ev stuff but still pretty amazing. It's the soundtrack to a new film called War Story and it's on iTunes for €6.99 also my favourite song from it is Lockdown. Edit to add: Amy used to be/still is (?) insanely popular on Ryl so maybe some of the Ev stuff might be to your liking, if you don't already know it

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I've been listening to a lot of cryptopsy lately cos I'm going to see them tomorrow night

also the new album by the haunted is awesome too

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Sunny Day Real Estate.
The Posies.
Rites of Spring.

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Laura Mvula "Green Garden" is great.

I prefer "That's Alright" but Sing to the Moon seems like a great album.

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I already posted this twice but it fits here so I'll post it again.

New music coming soon! They're all awesome so gonna do them in order release. I'm very tired so hope I get the dates right.

Kerry Ellis self titled September 14th

Tokio Hotel, Kings of Suburbia October 3rd

Self explanatory.

Black Veil Brides, IV October 28th

Should be exciting though I'm gonna be totally broke.

A world without Light would be dark.

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