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Lilli, 18, Florida
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I am currently:

I've been in a committed long distance relationship with a girl I met in a hospital for.... Two and a half years now.



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I'm robin. My friend took batman
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I am currently:

Wow congrats! I've just recently came out as bi which my friends took really well since my closest friends are gay. Unfortunately my mom didn't take it as well:( but oh well my friends are my family

🎶I'm thinking of what Sarah Said🎶

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I am currently:

Just came out as gay to a friend via text but still haven't got a reply. The tension is killing me and I really hope she doesn't end up hating me for opening up ;-; This is my first time coming out and it took me almost a week to grow a pair to send that text. Mixed feelings of relief and fear right now arghh.

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Current things killing my life : Exams | Conscription | Further studies after conscription

Goals : Literature Major in University of York / Princeton | Immunology / Life Sciences in NUS | Illustrator / Graphic Designer

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