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Contains alcohol - alcohol abuse

So this morning my psychiatrist said that he thinks I have a problem with alcohol abuse I.e. not a 'dependency' as such, but a tendency to binge drink which 'causes me harm'. So he's recommended that I don't drink between now and my next appt (in a months' time), to see if I can and if that helps me (I have bipolar 2 and borderline traits which are exacerbated when I drink). He suggested I either decide to limit myself to a couple of drinks or stop all together - any advice or suggestions as to the best way to approach this? Thanks:)

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If you have trouble with binge drinking, I would recommend abstaining completely - because for me at least, limits go out of the window when I've had a couple of drinks. Try to distract yourself when you're alone with something really interesting and engaging, surround yourself with people who like to do things sober or socialise in situations where people don't normally drink, maybe think about what triggers you to drink in the first place and what you can do if you do get triggered to avoid turning to alcohol.


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if binge drinking is your issues then like mentioned above abstain completely, cos once you've had a few it will be easy to talk yourself into having more and before you know it you'll be legless. build up a set of activities you can do sober with friends who also like to be sober so that your not reminded of using alcohol all the time.

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