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That random otaku
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I am currently:
Personal Piece- Contains upsetting material - Haikus about Heartbreak (a lot of them at that!)

All triggered by being rejected by a girl at school... after she sent me a love letter (bitch...)


Instead of facing
Heartbreak after heartbreak, I'd
Rather never love again.


I'm not the loved one.
Only the facade is loved.
I'm "only a phase".


Why do most humans
Keep searching for love, when their
Love life's full of pain?


Again I'm in love.
Again a girl's come along
And broken me heart.


Screw love. It just hurts.
I'd rather just stop loving.
Spare me love's pain, God.


Spare me the great pain,
The uncertainty of love,
For I've had enough.


God, don't let me love.
Don't let me suffer again.
It's too hard to love.


Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken.


"I love you."
Maybe some day those three words will actually MEAN SOMETHING.
Because every boy and girl who has said that to me

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I am the very model of a modern major general
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I am currently:

I thing they're very expressive

He was no longer jean valjean but no. 24601 -les miserable

Some of life's mysteries will never be solved, such as why, after spending an entire evening listenong to Bach, do I find myself humming "the birdie song".......

I am reaching, but i fall, and the stars are black and cold, as i stare into the void of a world that cannot hold- les miserables

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