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Section 2 and medical treatment rights

I am currently on Section 2 on an assessment ward. It's beeen 16 years since my lazt section so it's a bit of a shock. I have a self-inflicted burn that the surgeons at the Burns Unit want to graft, plus it may be infected so they may want me to have antibiotics. I j ust want to leave it as it is. I don't want treatment except dressings. My question is can they force treatment? As far as I know I am sane and rational and not psychotic. My diagnosis is BPD. I am scared they will go against my wishes.I have an appointment at Burns Unit today for the surgeons to decide. I will have a nurse from my ward accompanying me. I am tempted to take the opportunity to escape as I really don't want this surgery.

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They could force you to have treatmetn but I think they'd need an additional court hearing for that as it's not related to MH.

I think the more important thing is, why don't you want the treatment?

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secret squirrel
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I don't deserve treatment. My self harm has cost the nhs so much with previous surgeries and treatments and its obvious i'll do it again so what's the point?

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Could you request to see an advocate?

I know very little about sections but I would imagine you're on a section because your mental health problems are posing a significant risk to your health. I would guess they could make you but I really have no idea and think maybe finding out your legal rights from an expert could be a way forward.

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I guess they would be looking at whether you have the capacity to make the decision. So is your reasoning rationale? What are the implications of you not having the surgery.

An example could be that a Jehovah's Witness can make the decision to refuse a blood tranfusion even if it will kill them as they have the capacity to make that decision. Someone who is suicidal with my issues may be deemed to not have a capacity and thus given the blood transfusion.

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