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That random otaku
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Personal Piece- Contains upsetting material - The Silent Sufferer

When will my silence end?
When will I get help?
Will it be too late when
They finally see the pain?
Will I already be dead before
They see that I'm constantly hurting?

Why do I seem
To not matter?
When will the pain stop?
Will the pain stop?

I'm so lost.
I need help, but
No one is listening.

No one hears
My silent screams.
No one sees
My secret tears.
They see the marks
But do not ask.

I pushed them all away,
But no one is trying to get back in.
I'm all alone.

Help me.
Before it's too late.
Before I destroy myself
From the inside out.

Now can you hear
My screams?
Now can you see
My tears?

I doubt it.
You are all
Deaf to
The pain of

Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken.


"I love you."
Maybe some day those three words will actually MEAN SOMETHING.
Because every boy and girl who has said that to me

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A Ray of Hope
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Really like this, thank you for sharing it with us.x

“Never lose faith in yourself,
and never lose hope;
remember, even when this world throws its worst and then turns its back,
there is still always hope.”

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