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The Shadow of the Day
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Mind Apples

I was at a MH recovery event and one thing they spoke about was Mind Apples, which you might have heard of, but I haven't. We were asked to write what 5 things we do every day or regularly to look after our mind, like you're supposed to have 5 portions of fruit or veg a day. What are your mind apples?


1. Leave the house/walk
2. Communicate, at least online
3. Write in diary
4. Spend time with cats
5. Eat something nice

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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I am currently:

The Mind Apples people actually came to my work and did a series of talks on looking after your mind. I went to them all and it was actually really interesting. It was work based rather than mental health related but the two go hand in hand really.

Mine are:

1. Cuddling the cat
2. Cycling
3. Playing piano
4. Cooking a proper meal
5. Listening to music

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I am currently:

1 listening to metal
2 listening to metal
3 gong for a walk
4 reading
5 listening to metal

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I am currently:

1 pray
2 use therapy skills
3 eat sensibly
4 spend time with my sister
5 take meds

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Soft Kitty
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I love this! Thank you for sharing.

I'm borrowing your number one :)

1. Leave the house.
2. Get dressed and brush hair.
3. Get a reasonable night's sleep if possible.
4. Take meds.
5. Make something (can be anything from a meal to an arty piece).

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1. do journal and diary
2. eat properly
3. get enough sleep
4. read and do something creative
5. meaningful communication

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