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Displaced Water Faery
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Hello All,

It has been quite some time since I logged in here. I have been safe and stable for nearly 7 years now. There have been occasional urges here and there, but nothing I would have considered 'dangerous'.

But the last month my life sort of turned itself upside down. Only 8 months after we got married, my husband has found out that he's lost his job. There's a strong chance that things will move forward and he will be offered a new position but right now things are looking very grim. He is terribly depressed and feeling horribly useless (and given some very complicated circumstances surrounding the whole thing I don't blame him), and I feel totally helpless to assist him at all. I know part of this is him making poor choices emotionally, and I kind of get that at the moment, but I still feel terrible about it.

In general anything I try to make life better right now just seems to somehow backfire...I am tired all the time, mentally and physically...and I'm stuck away from home.

It's all feeling like substantially too much, and the urges are back stronger than they've been in a lot of years...

This forum helped save my life back when things were really really bad...I'm hoping maybe someone can help me out with some support once again...


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Koala hugs
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Hey welcome back I'm sorry things r tough again .I hope this place helps you sorry I have no advice but I really hope things improve for u soon

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Sending love, and hugs

Hope you're taking care of yourself

I'm sorry that I have no advice at the moment but I hope RYL helps again, and that things improve soon.

We'll make it together, one small step at a time

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