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To write love on her arms

What do yall think about to write love on her arms I think its good but what do yall think about it?

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If you've got an hour or two spare I'd recommend using the search function on here to search for TWLOHA. It was before my time but it caused a lot of controversy here to the point where ostensibly mundane threads about TWLOHA made by unsuspecting newbies were closed to prevent chaos. My favourite is one I just found that went "and now im going to close this before the usual argument commences" :')

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wwwooooowwwwww!!!!!!! that bad?? :O

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Darkwings, a lot of people around here didn't like it. So every time someone made a thread that mentioned it, it all got a really good bashing. But times change and so do members so maybe it's a bit different now????

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I was a fan at first, (i.e. like 2006-2007) when it was popular. However, now, I don't support them at all. I don't like their religious affiliations, and I don't believe much of the money that they make goes into the right places. I personally choose to support organizations that have proven track records with their money, and also organizations that support diversity as well.

I think if you like them and find their messages helpful that is important and should not be discounted. But I'd be wary of giving them any of your own money.

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I dont remember much of the controversy but I think it's mostly an USA thing. The majority of members here are from the UK so we have our own charities doing their own thing such as Mind. Yes I am aware that they have a UK Facebook page but from their public posts they dont seem to be doing much in the UK.

I think caution is needed when dealing with non well known organisations. For all we know it could be a cult.

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The only good thing is that the song by helio came out of it in my opinion and as far as I know apart from that I personally wouldn't go near them but for me religion and talk of it is a huge trigger so it'd b defeating the object for me to engage with them

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