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Fans of Harry Potter should read these!

The Worlds of the Chrestomanci series by Dianna Wynne Jones.

I read these long before Harry Potter came out and loved them.

There are about 6 books altogether I think and are set in a sort of parallel universe with witches and wizards etc. The main character is the Chrestomanci who is sort of like Dumbledore.

The first book was published in about 1977 and in my opinion J.K.Rowling copied the basic idea in these stories for Harry Potter, and in my opinion the Chrestomanci books are by far better written.

Anyway. They are more aimed at kids but have a read. Or get them as presents for siblings/nephews/nieces etc.

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I might have a go at reading them, thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check them out.

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Might check those out. Dumbledore=win.

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I've read these, and they're similar to other books like this too :) They are a quick read, but very good!

No such thing as an original idea :)

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