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Koala hugs
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Struggling with the urges

I'm struggling with urges to self harm. I've had the weekend from hell and I'm still calming back down I see my friend tomorrow evening and my cpn on Wednesday but it's the time before and in-between those two things I don't know what to do with myself .I feel sh*t and I'm anxious and or agitated I dunno what else I'm feeling. Mum is strongly considering divorcing dad . I found that out on sat after getting emotionally triggered earlier in the day and being suicidal and having strong urges the night before which led me to a crisis drop in centre and also a and e for a chat with the crisis team and all that was BEFORE I found about the possible divorce . I don't know what to do the drop in won't be open again till the end of the week I've got helpline numbers but no desire for an actual real life conversation so thought I'd come on here and ending up blurting all this out can't believe I still haven't got my sh*t together I thought life would get easier as I got towards thirty but no

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I'm sorry you have been struggling so much, and about your parents. I hope they can work through this. I'm afraid there's nothing you can do about them, you need to concentrate on your own safety and wellbeing. I think it's great you are trying so hard to look after yourself. Is there anything you can do every day to make it easier, something to look forward to? Watch a film, have a bubble bath, hot chocolate, go shopping or for a walk. Anything that works for you.

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Koala hugs
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Thanks tamo. I really need a bath so that's today's task.tomorrow or Thursday I might do some shopping

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