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Triggering (SI) - Who Knew and Hidden *Hidden may Trigger*

Who Knew? written 4-8-10
Who knew it would be
so hard for me to see
you hurting so openly
and honestly?

I never want you to be
hurt. I wish you could see
that I'm watching over you, like you did for me

You were there when I was about to cry
now as hard as I try
I can't watch you cry
it breaks my heart
to know yours is torn apart

The hurt is so new
I hope you know I'm here for you
and whatever you do
People are here to catch you
when you are ready to fall back to

A sad place and cry
No one wants you to try
and forget the past
Let it make you strong
and always know He is never wrong

She is with Him now
but she will never go
and leave you alone
She is living in your heart

She will always be there to guide you
when you don't know what to do

He took her from you
because He knew you would be able to
get through this with great people around you

He knew that you
would use your hurt to
do great things for someone who
needs you
He knew

Hidden written 6-10-10
Just another name
on a list of people who came
and went. One stupid choice
staying quiet hiding your voice

So much anger in me
I didn't think I could be
this unhappy

I pretend you don't hurt me
but there is no way for you to see
how badly
I want to be
healthy, normal, and happy

I want to go back to the day
just last week
that I decided this was the way
I was going to peek
into the normal world

All I want is to be happy
Someone who loves me for me
Even when I'm crazy

Making each choice day by day
is the way
I live. Learning what to say

What to hide from the world
pretend to smile
even if if a little while
it will make me cry
I try

to hide the real me
I'm a person I don't want to be

A girl who hasnt cried
in years even though she has tried
A girl who hasnt smiled for real
since the time where she could feel

a real emotion
besides angry
or sad

the emotions the real her has hdden away
for another person on a happy day
Keeping the real her. Hidden

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