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Contains bullying - just want to be left alone

First it was the odd comment here and there which then turned into the odd push it wasn't much i could handle it most part just pretended it didn't happen and got on with things, but now it seems to be getting worse more harder to pretend that nothing is happening and i just want to be left alone really is that to much to ask to want?

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No its definitely not too much to ask. I dont know why people have to bully. Some say when you are bullied it means that the person likes you but I never believed that. I was bullied most of my childhood until I started sophomore year in high school and then it stopped. Not because they did but because I just couldnt take it anymore.and finally confronted them.

Can you talk to someone about this like a counselor at school? Or is it easier to talk to someone on here?

I know you dont know me and Im new but you can talk to me anytime you need to. My PM is always open.

Please stay strong. This will get better!

Libz (DriftedAway), Katie (Heaven Knows) and Sammy (StuckInReverse) are my daughters, Jo (On Edge) Savannah (#skittles#) and are my lil' sisters

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